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In any of these ideas you can start with any size four panel card you want. I usually use our paper strips which we well at the tradeshows and through our on-line paper auction and fold them back and forth until I have four panels. All projects listed assume that you know how to measure, fold and crease paper.

Idea #1 Making a Stair Stepped Card

A. Create a stair step card. Take your four panel card and lay it out flat on the table. Draw a light line on a diagonal across the card (see diagram 1).

B. Stamp along the line using any stamp you choose (see diagram 2). You do not have to physically draw a line if it will interfere with your design or you are uncertain you can get the line to come off later. In this case simply imagine the line.

C. When you are done stamping your design you can cut around the top of the stamps (see diagram 3).

D. If you would like to color the images now is the time. You can go ahead and decorate the rest of the card as well.

E. Fold the card back up and you will notice that your card has a beautiful stair stepped look to it.

Note: Using a duplex paper is great with this project!

(Duplex means two colors one one each side of the paper)

See color sample below labeled #1

Idea #2 Making a Window Card

This is a good project if you are using our thick cardstock strips. You would not want to use thin paper or light cardstock for this particular card. This is a fun card for children and adults. The hardest part is designing your "scene". In this card you are stamping images on the various surfaces of the card and creating "windows" where you can see through to another wall of the card where a great image might be. If you get really creative you can do multiple windows (any size and shape) with multiple images. You can go really simple on your first card and more complex when you fully understand the concept and want to go for it. If you are lost on how this would work see diagram 1 and read the following idea for a "scene"- When the card is closed you could have someone looking through a cut-out window in the front of a house. When you open the card the person could actually be in a room standing next to a cut-out door that has a dog standing in a cut out doorway. When you opened the next panel the dog could actually be outside the house standing next to his dog house that has the door cut out with a bone showing through the cut out doorway, and on and on.

See color sample below labeled #2

Idea #3 Two for One

This is a simple way to get two stair step cards out of one strip of paper. Simply draw a line from one corner to the next and cut along that line. You will then have two cards. You can use them to make stair step cards (like the kind in idea #1). See diagram 1,2,3

Idea #4 Making Picture Frame Card

You can create a double picture frame card that stands by itself. If you mount pictures of family, friends etc. in the center panels you can cut out picture windows in the outside panels. If you fold in the outside panels and glue them you can create a permanent frame around the pictures. The card will be sturdy enough to stand up by itself. The frames and other card panels can be decorated before the flaps are glue in. Note: if the outside flaps are too long when they come together in the middle just trim them a little with scissors or a cutter. See diagrams 1, 2 and 3.

See color sample below labeled #4

Idea #5 Making Multiple Pop Outs

If you want to add interest to your card you may want to make some simple pop out in the creases. By doing this it allows you to make as few as one or as many as three pop outs in one card. The diagram shown below is with two. I have not given instructions on making pop outs as it is fairly well known how to do so.

See color sample below labeled #5

Color Samples Of Above Projects

Color Sample Number One


Color Sample Number 2


Color Sample Number 3
Color Sample Number 4


Color Sample Number 5

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