Important notice for our paper customers! Please read.


We have some unexpected and sad news about the future of our Paper Department. The company that we contracted with to take over the warehousing and shipping of our paper orders, contacted us on March 15th 2012. They said that they would no longer be able to process and ship our smaller orders, as they were losing too much money on them. When they had agreed to do it, they apparently had no idea that we would be sending them so many small orders (even though we warned them). We did our best to try and figure out a way for them to be profitable and still be able to process the orders, but there was really no way out. They are set up to handle larger orders, and they just had no idea how labor intense the little orders were going to be.

We managed to convince them to continue to process orders until the end of the month as the site is currently set up (no minimum with a small order fee of $7.50 for orders under $100.00). The deadline to get orders in under the current system is March 30th at 1pm (pacific). Once that deadline has passed we will only be able to accept orders that are $200 or more. For those of you who have been with us a long time, you will know that this minimum is now double what it was a year ago. We know that this high minimum will not be reachable for the majority of our smaller accounts. This whole situation has made us incredibly sad. We have always done our best to provide good service for an affordable price and now we cannot do that for so many of our smaller loyal customers. We are quite frankly just sick about this.

If you recently bought a 2012 swatchbook from us and will not be able to use it, please contact us at We are offering a buy-back program for the books.

Once again we are so very sorry about this new change, and wish we could do something to avoid the upset we know this will cause many of you.


KD Good
California Paper Goods