General Data:

Our main office numbers are: (707) 459-9124   (800) 637-6401
Our fax line is: (707) 459-5021

Our mailing address is: 30901 Timberline Road Willits, CA 95490

Our web site is: or

Our E-Mail address is:


California Paper Goods is the paper division of GOOD STAMPS*STAMP GOODS. Our factory is located in the redwood country in Northern California. We also have a retail shoppe located in the town of Willits. It is called The Good's Stamp Shoppe and it is at 56 South Main St (Main Street is 101). If you have and special paper requests please call it in before visiting the shop as we are unable to stock everything in the store.

Custom Cutting:

We offer an exciting line of Basic and Specialty cardstocks for experienced and beginning stampers, artists and crafts persons. In our catalogs we offer many products in standard sizes. However, because our products are produced in-house we are able to offer custom cutting. There are times when you may need something that is not generally offered in the catalogs. To use this service simply send us an E-Mail with the description and sizes (including paper choice) or you can call us at our office number (800) 637-6401 or (707) 459-9124.

Paper Auction:

New to our web site is The Good's Paper Auction. We have added this feature from the constant demand that we do our old warehouse sales again. For those that do not know about these sales I will give you a brief description- One week after the Stamp shows in Carson California we used to rent a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles and for three hours only we would sell paper by the pound. Huge lines would form an hour in advance and it was a mad house frenzy. The deals were incredible and papers that could no longer be found anywhere were there.

We stopped doing the sales as we no longer had access to that warehouse. We have instead opened an on-line paper auction. Those same papers are going to be available to you in an easy to use auction format. You no longer have to wait in huge lines and drive out of your way to get great paper deals. I highly recommend checking it out often as we will be adding to our list of items on a regualar basis.


We exhibit as a number of conventions each year. We have a listing of the various shows on this web site and you can get there directly by the link at the top of this page. If you are not familiar with our product line I highly recommend that you come to the conventions as you are able to not only see and handle the papers up close but you are able to check out all the samples that have been created from our papers. There are literally hundreds of sample cards to be seen at our booth and at other companies booths around the show.

It is our plan to expand the number of conventions we will do in the year 2002. Keep an eye on our Convention Web Page for up to date information of which shows we will be at.

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