We have many interesting and exciting paper projects that you may want to try. Please feel free to visit any and all of our fully illustrated project pages. Simply choose which project you would like to see and click on it.

NEW! Nature Cards:  
Many color Samples of new ideas using natural materials such as moss, bark, leaves, feathers and more.
NEW! Paper Weaving:  
Designs are only as limited as your imagination! Sample designs to get you started.
Cards, Cards & More Cards:  
Lots of samples of beautiful handmade cards (stamped, collage and more)
Natural Container Making:  
How to make beautiful handmade paper containers that can be decorated with dried flowers or stamped images.
Tri-Fold Cards:  
Using long strips of paper you can learn to make tri-fold cards, picture frames, pop outs and more.
Making a simple yet beautiful handbound book that is both profesional looking and fun to make.
Surprise Cards:  
An old favorite of ours is this pop out Surprise! card. Easy to make origami style folded card.
Letter & Envelope in One:  
A simple origami folded letter/envelope. Great for kids- very easy!
Letter and Envelope in One - Intermediate Level  
How to make an envelope and letter in one. This one is for intermediate level paper folders.
Collograph Printing:  
A more advanced project that incorporates simple printmaking with paper crafts.
Newspaper Roll Containers:  
How to make super strong containers from newspaper covered in handmade papers.
Shoe Box Theatre: (will post a short .avi for the shoebox theater soon)  
Make a peep hole theatre from a shoe box. Great for kids and a good project for teachers to use with their students.

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