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Fabric Stamping and Silk Painting

The following are samples of items that were hand stamped/painted. Most were done by adults and there are also a few examples of items made by children. A short description of the item follows each picture.

Fabric Stamping

Owners of California Paper Goods with Cyndi Fox.

The wonderful jacket that Cyndi is wearing was hand stamped by her using a design that was eraser carved.

Here is a picture of the back of the jacket shown in the first picture. The shirt on the right was also hand stamped by Cyndi Fox. You can see a close up of the shirt below.

Not only is the shirt hand stamped but the streaking is done by hand brushing using foam brushes (like you buy at the paint or hardware store). This technique is covered in the video that we offer (see above). The shirt is 100% cotton- pre-washed.

Front and Back of the same shirt.

This is another shirt that was hand stamped by Cyndi Fox. The shirt is 100% cotton- pre-washed.

Back of the same shirt shown above.

Rubber Stamped 100% Silk Scarf. Artist- Cyndi Fox

Close up of the same scarf.

A brayer was used to create the red streaks that run across the scarf.

Students at one of our Fabric Stamping workshops (we hold them at our retail store in the Summer).

The boy on the right is using the brush to put a solid purple background on his design.

The shirt on the right was done with Fabric Markers. These are great for writing on shirts or for fine lined designs.

(we sell fabric markers at our web site)

Silk Painting

This scarf is 100% silk. It was painted using fabric paints using a wax resist to get the hard edges.

Close up of the above scarf. The design is of "Leeks". Artist- unknown.

The effect that you see in the center of the picture was caused by throwing salt on the wet fabric. It is an old technique that is used in traditional watercoloring. It also works on silk!

This is another scarf done on 100% silk. It was also created by laying down a wax pattern and then coming in later with color. It is easy, quick and fun! Artist- unknown.

This is a bad picture of a wonderful silk wall hanging. The fabric is 100% silk and it was also created using the wax resist method. Artist- unknown.


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