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Accordion Cards

There are so many types of accordion cards that it would be hard to show them all. We have taken a random sampling of some of our favorites and shown them here. Most of these cards are free form and are not created from templates. Please feel free to use any of the card designs or ideas here to create your own custom cards.

The three pictures above are all the same card. This card is wonderful as it has a flap that tucks in and keeps the card closed. The paper is a deep texture with collage applications. In the center picture you can see where some additional pages were stitched in. These pages could be used for writing a personal note. All the other surfaces can be decorated as you choose.

This card is a very simple yet elegant. It has added cards to the front panel and back that give it the feeling of a book when it is folded. The decoration is using collage materials and rubber stamps.

This is a view of the card fully open. You may notice the added white pages that have been stitched in. This is where a personal note could go.

These views are of the book closing. The picture on the left shows the flap untucked and the picture on the right shows it tucked in. This is a wonderful design that is elegant and practical. If makes a lovely presentation.

The decoration is with Origami paper and rubber stamps.

This card with a simple mountain and valley fold design. Separate cards have been added to the ends to give it the look of a book when closed. Each panel has one of the 12 days of Christmas stamps centered on it. It is a simple and beautiful design.

The decoration is rubber stamps, embossing powders and simple collage on the front panel.

This is the front of the card. Japanese characters, Origami paper and Chops are used to decorate the front and back cover of this card.

This inside are photographs from a trip to Japan.

This card is a custom pop out card. It is made from one piece of paper and is slit and scored in a very creative way. Dried flowers were used to decorate the inside and the letter is written on the frame in gel pens. Very creative!

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