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Welcome to the California Paper Goods Auction!

If you want the latest information on what is happening with the auction then this is the page for you. It will be updated throughout the auction as needed. So keep checking back!


I think many of you will be happy to hear that we now have a secure site for making auction payments! We have developed a payment form that is secure and it is accessible from the main page of the Auction. On that page there is a large button that says "Auction Payment Form".

Once you get your total from me you can simply fill out the form and send it off. Note: Where it says Item number: just type in "Auction Items".


Due to the upcoming holiday weekend I am requesting feedback on whether I should run the auction next weekend. At this point it will not run unless I hear that there is interest in it running. Are you folks going to be in town and wanting to bid or will you be out of town and away from your computers? Let me know! I will post the results on this page so you will know whether to show up or not.

Free Drawing for a Shopping Spree

Enter our free drawing for an On-Line Shopping Spree by sending us a request via E-Mail for a free ticket. Once you have received your ticket hold onto it and at Sunday at 2:00 p.m. (P.S.T.) I will draw a random ticket number. If it matches your ticket you are the winner. The prize is a free $15.00 On-Line Shopping Spree in our On-Line Paper Catalogs!

You must send your request by this coming Sunday at 1:45 P.S.T. in order to be sent your ticket by the 2:00 drawing. Only one request per person please. I will send the tickets out via E-Mail as soon as I receive your request. If you do not receive your ticket by 1:45 Sunday then you can assume I never received your request and you should send another. I will post the winning ticket number here at 2:00p.m. (P.S.T.) Sunday November 18th.

The Winning Number Will Be Posted Here Sunday

Details on how to redeem your ticket will be sent to you in the same e-mail as your ticket number.

International excluded due to shipping costs- Sorry.


There are two ways you could get free shipping on your auction purchases:

1) Play the "Free Shipping Game" (details below)

2) Place a $20.00 on-line order with our On-Line Paper Catalogs. We will give you free shipping on any size auction purchase if you place an On-Line order of $20.00 or more over the weekend. This offer is not good for International shipping-sorry.

What is new?

1) Translucent Vellum Cards and Envelopes- I have a wide variety of colors of translucent vellum- Card and envelope sets in packs. They are located in Overstock-Packaged items.

2) Tons of Excelsior ink pads- I have a wide variety of colors and even some rainbow pads. You can find them in Miscellaneous Items.

3) Ceramic Tree Ornaments that you can decorate using stamps. You can find them in Miscellaneous Items.

4) I found some 25 year old paper that is something else. It has a old parchment look only the paper is slick and glossy. You have got to see it to believe it. It is located in Scraps & Trimmings.

5) I found some 30 year old paper strips that are gorgeous! They are a bright white with a deep vellum finish and a deckle edge. This is fine paper! It is located in Odd Paper Items.

6) New magazines for those of you who would like some ideas and or inspiration there are some new Somerset Magazines on the block. They are located in Other.

What is almost gone?

1) The Tiny Kraft cards are saying good-bye this week. They are located in Odd Paper Items.

2) There is only one pound left of the Tree Cut-Out cards. They are located in Odd Paper Items.

3) This is the last week I am posting Mexican Wild Stuff paper until next year. You can find it in handmade and Imported.

What is coming back?

Sometimes I find an additional pound of something and it comes back. That's happened to:

Cashew Fiber 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock. I found a whole box of it so it is here to stay for at least a few more weeks. You can find it in Cardstock (all sizes).

Copper Glossy 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock. You can thank UPS for this one. They damaged a pile of this paper so you will see it here for a couple of weeks at least. You can find it in Cardstock (all sizes).

Red Glossy 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock. Same story as the copper glossy. You can find it in Cardstock (all sizes).

Play the Free Shipping Game

"the Bountiful Harvest"

How to play- Once the auction is closed and you have won something then pickan item from the list below and E-Mail me with what you chose. You only get to choose one item per auction (not per item won).

Pumpkin, Yellow Squash, Walnuts, Almonds, Grapes, Leeks, Corn, Tomato, Red Apples, Green Apples, Golden Apples, Green Pears, Brown Pears, Onions, Butternut Squash, Potatoes, Yams, Garlic, Carrots.

I must receive your choice by 6:25 p.m. Sunday (P.S.T) for it to be accepted. If your choice matches my choice then you will get free shipping on your auction purchases for that week. Use the Link below anytime after 6:30 p.m. Sunday (P.S.T) to see if you won. Good luck to you all!

Click on the above picture to see if you won.

We had 2 winners again last week! You could be the lucky one this time.

About Our New Category

I just put in a new category called Overstock-Pre Packaged Items. These products are in perfect condition. Most of them are our tradeshow inventory. I convinced the owners that it was better to sell the stock then to have it sit until February when they do their next show. They decided that it would be a good idea, so I got the papers. They only thing wrong with them are the headers and bags are a bit ugly. However, I am sure that the bags last about, Oh I don't know maybe 30 seconds after the box of papers arrive at your house- am I right? So enjoy the savings this is a rare chance to get perfect products at such a low rate.

Due to the pricing of the items it would be best not to bid too high on them. If you want me to post an additional pound of the Overstock items just send me an E-Mail and I will be happy to do so if I have the stock. Most of these things are seasonal items so I want to move them out fast so you can start making your holiday cards!

Notes & Advice:

1) I am generally on line and monitoring the auction between 9:00 am and 8:00pm Pacific Standard Time Friday through Saturday. On Sunday I am on from 9:00am to 9:00pm. If you have questions please E-mail me. I am there to help you and to make sure that all your questions are answered.

2) I monitor the auction pretty closely and if I see a bidding war start I sometimes post another pound to stop the price from getting ridiculously high. Watch for this and start bidding on the new pound. I want you folks to get a good deal and not pay way too much for something (although I know bidding wars can be fun). There are limits to when I can and cannot post so don't be surprised if I don't always step in.

3) Please do not be upset if I will not sell multiple pounds of something. I don't do this because I want a number of people to have a chance to purchase some of these papers instead of it going to just one person (especially the discontinued papers). There are some cases where I have made an exception but not very often.

4) Feel free to post questions to the bulletin board. I respond to them ASAP and when you post on the board the information is there for everyone (many of you have the same questions). You can also use the Bulletin Board to find others in your area who may want to save on shipping by combining your orders. The Bulletin Board is there for all of you- take advantage of it! Here is a quick link to the board:

Bulletin Board Link

5) On Sundays the auction items start to time out between 2 and 6 Pacific Standard Time. After the close of the auction I scramble to get all the items closed out and a list of totals to you. Some totals I can get together right away and others take a bit longer. Totals go out Sunday night unless the number of winners is very large. If this is the case some totals may go out Monday morning. If you don't hear from me by Monday morning there is a problem with the e-mail.

6) All sizes and quantities per pound are approximate. We do our best to list them accurately but many of these papers are seconds so it is hard to get exact figures.

7) The papers are weighed on a digital confectioners scale. It is extremely accurate. If you are getting some items that are heavier than others it is because we gave you more than a pound on some of them. For example if I only have "one" pound left of something you may get anywhere from one 1 pound to 1.4 pounds. You don't pay the shipping for the extra paper as we figure totals before packing. It is free paper, enjoy it!

8) We will be running these auctions weekly probably until the end of this year. We will most likely switch to a once a month format after that.

9) I have had trouble getting totals to a few of you. I use a form that is in html and I suspect that some of you have e-mail blocked that has html in it. If this is the case please e-mail me and I will send it plaintext. Also, I have had a couple of cases where you had blocked our e-mail address so I could not get totals to you. Please check sometime before the auction closes to see if you have us blocked. Our e-mail address is If you do not hear from me the night of the auction between 6 and 10pm PST then there is something wrong. Please e-mail or call us and let us know you did not get your total. Our main office number is: (800) 637-6401.

This auction is a great chance for you to have a good time and to get some great deals! There are papers here that you will not find anywhere else and in sizes you may never have access to. I hope that you will come back often and see what new things we have to offer. Don't stay away to long as you may miss that one item that is gone in a flash. Have fun and happy bidding!!!!

CPG Auctioneer

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