The information on this page is based on the FDA's color additives permitted for use in cosmetics. The glitters are considered to be "decorative particles". Our customers are responsible for proper usage in his/her particular application. We are not responsible for unsafe or improper usage. Putting anything (FDA approved or not) can result in eye irritation.

Cosmetic Grade Usage Chart

Lips OK

Eyes OK

Prism Glitters

Prism: Sunshine Yellow


Prism Glitters

Prism: Lemonade


Prism Glitters

Prism: Orangesicle


Prism Glitters

Prism: Seashell Red


Prism Glitters

Prism: Georgia Peach


Prism Glitters

Prism: Lime Smoothy


Prism Glitters

Prism: Cinderellas Slipper


Prism Glitters

Prism: Orchid Lust


Prism Glitters

Prism: Pink Tulle


Prism Glitters

Prism: Warm Rose


Prism Glitters

Prism: Bubblegum


Prism Glitters

Prism: Topical Punch


Prism Glitters

Prism: Springtime Blue


Prism Glitters


Prism: Glacial Glow

Prism Glitters Prism: Tangy Orange  
Prism Glitters Prism: Calming Cashmere  
Prism Glitters Prism: Toni's Apple Green  
Prism Glitters Prism: Strawberry Fields  
Prism Glitters

Prism: Hide 'n Seek

Cosmetic Metallics: Gibbs Gold  

Cosmetic Metallics: Glamour Green


Cosmetic Metallics: Imperial Aqua


Cosmetic Metallics: Moon River Blue


Cosmetic Metallics: Vanity Gray


Cosmetic Metallics: Black Beauty


Cosmetic Metallics: Blushes Pink


Cosmetic Iridescent: Mists of the Mint


Cosmetic Iridescent: Paragon Sky


Cosmetic Iridescent: Flirtatious Rose


Cosmetic Iridescent: Golden Sun Yellow


Cosmetic Iridescent: Lava Storm Red


Cosmetic Iridescent: Rune Seeker Red


Cosmetic Iridescent: Black Copper Mine


Cosmetic Iridescent: Dragon Scale Jade


Cosmetic Holographic: Star Struck Silver


Cosmetic Holographic: Kiss The Sky


Cosmetic Holographic: Mint Julip


Cosmetic Holographic: Back In Black


Cosmetic Mica Elements: Amethyst Crush
Cosmetic Mica Elements: Auburn Ore
Cosmetic Mica Elements: Coral Crush
Cosmetic Mica Elements: Emerald Earth
Cosmetic Mica Elements: Lavender Ash
Cosmetic Mica Elements: Queens Court
Cosmetic Mica Elements: Sedona Canyon
Cosmetic Mica Elements: Sunmist Gold
Cosmetic Mica Elements: Topaz Twist
Cosmetic Mica Elements: Volcanic Pearl
Cosmetic Pearlescents: Sand Bar
Cosmetic Pearlescents: Sunshimmer Dream
Cosmetic Pearlescents: Beach Bronze
Cosmetic Pearlescents: Tropical Sunset
Cosmetic Pearlescents: Pink Sands
Cosmetic Pearlescents: Paradise Gold
Cosmetic Pearlescents: Silver Promise