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I just received my woodgrain paper! It is lovelier than the beautiful that I have decided to modify my original composition of my wedding invitations and use the oak grain as a "backer" for the invite proper...thank you so much...and also it arrived in perfect shape...perfectly packaged, that's so important too!
Thanks again !

Montreal, Canada


I am so pleased with the two books which arrived in the mail today! Having ordered them online on Friday afternoon, I was thrilled to receive them on Saturday morning. Thank you for the excellent shopping experience with your company. The Hershey chocolate added a personal touch which too often falls by the wayside in commerce today.


Albany, CA


I received my order from you in just a few days! I was pleased with the quality of the blank puzzles I ordered and even more pleased with how quickly everything was shipped! I prepare curriculum & craft materials for over 1,000 kids weekly, so I order online a LOT. Your great service was very much appreciated!


Libertyville, IL


Absolutely unbelievable quality & customer service!

Thank you so much - I needed these urgently and could not be happier with the service. I've found my new envelope supplier FOR SURE!


Pflugerville, TX


I just wanted to let you all know that I REALLY appreciate your efficiency and process for
placing orders and shipping so quickly. I can always rely on you to make my ordering process easy and
quick. I ordered some supplies from one of your competitors (only because you don't carry the same supplies) on Nov. 18 and I only received the shipment on Wednesday November, 29. That was an 11 day turnarournd!!!! For a small business, that is a killer. I even ordered it FedEX.

My order with you was ordered on the 24th and I received it on the 28th with NO RUSH!

Keep up the fantastic work.

Campbell, CA.


This is such a wonderful service (video rentals). I usually buy a tape and only watch it once. Thank you!


Santa Barbara, CA



I just wanted to say that I love ordering from your store! You always have everything I need, and I love receiving the candy bars :)


Portland, OR


I want to thank you for your prompt service and for the beautiful paper I received. It was exactly what I thought it would be - your website descriptions and pictures described it perfectly. I have had a hard time finding paper like this locally, so it was wonderful to happen on your site. Keep up the great business!



Rock Island, IL


I just want to let you know how pleased I am with your service. My order came from California to Georgia in less than a week. The product was exceptional. I will no longer be driving all over my area looking for these puzzles. Now I know where to find them with very little trouble! Thanks for a great job!


Carrollton, GA

This was my first experience with you guys, and all I can say is WOW! I'm a paper fanatic, and your stuff is extraordinary. My head's swimming with ideas for these goodies. I have enough beautiful paper to last me quite awhile (thank you!) but you can be sure I'll be at the next auction!

Thank you so much for such lovely paper!


Chicago, IL


I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my order! My package arrived so quickly I couldn't figure out what it was. I will definitely be ordering again and will highly reccommend your company to my friends. Thank you again!!!


Jacksonville, FL


Wow, what great service! My order came yesterday, with blinding speed! I really appreciate your effort, and will be happy to order from you again.


Salida, CO


I received my order yesterday and I am very pleased with all! The service the products are wonderful. My favorite part was the wonderful freebie, of course I have to order paper now! Such a nice touch. I will recomend you to all my family and friends. Thank you,


Kennewick, WA


Your company is the best! Immediate online support, immediate shipping. Wish I could order from you every day. Thanks.


San Luis Obispo, CA


I can't tell you how much I appreciate how quickly we received our package. This was a late Christmas present to my husband. Just to let you know, I make beaded jewelry and my husband has been making origami beads. When I came across your website there were many types of paper I had never seen before. I couldn't help myself I just kept plunking the different types of paper in my cart to the point where I no longer had to pay for shipping. Three working days later we received the package. Thank you again.


Columbia MD


ARE YOU KIDDING? Wow! You guys are amazing! What vitamins do you take that make you so speedy and efficient - cause I want some!

Thanks so very much,

Chicago, IL


Thanks for delivering my order to Goods Stamp Shoppe! I picked it up today and had so much fun looking at everything I won in the bidding. Oh goodie! I love paper and this auction was really fun. Thank you for including "the locals" by placing the advert on the Yahoo Mendocino County bulletin board.
Wishing you all the love and laughter you can get.

Willits, CA


I just wanted to take a moment before I begin my day to say thank you for your excellent service and quality products. A few days ago I ordered some of that beautiful Washi paper and other assorted paper and products and I was astonished at how quickly I received my order and how beautifully and efficiently it was packed and shipped to protect everything...And of course the little chocolate treat was unexpected and a very nice touch!

So thank you and I look forward to shopping at your store in the future.

Best regards,


Houston, TX


This is my very first time to receive supplies that I love to make crafts for my scrapbooking hobbies. I have a comment about your business that it is very best service and reasonable price than any other stores. Sadly, There are no quilling paper products in Alabama where I live. That's why I look internet online that I found about your business. Absolutely, I am telling my friends about your excellent business. I am looking forward to purchase more quilling papers from your business in the future. Keep up good work!!!!

God Bless and Thank you again!


Phenix City, AL


My paper arrived and it's exactly what I wanted. I can't believe I ordered it yesterday afternoon and it's already here! Thank you so very much. You might get more orders for it....I posted I was looking for this particular paper on a few stamping lists and one gal responded to check your company out. I did, found the paper and posted that I had found it with a link to your site.


Fremont, CA


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for incredible service. I placed my order just a couple of days ago and my envelopes arrived today! They are the absolute perfect shade- exactly what I wanted for my baby shower invitations. Thank you for striving for excellent customer service at a time when many retailers are dropping the ball. I am anxious to tell my friends about your amazing selection and unbeatable pricing. Thank You.

Greensburg, PA


You get an A+++ on delivery....think it took about 5 minutes to get here!!..thanks


Lincoln, CA


Wow! Thanks a lot! You guys have been wonderful.

I love the great prices and fast shipping and now I can add excellent customer service to my list.

Thanks again,

Greensboro, NC


I just have to say that I LOVE doing business with California Paper Goods! Each and every time, you have provided me with lightening fast service! I just placed my order a few hours ago and now I have an email saying its been shipped already! Thank you so much.

A very satisfied customer,



I received this order last week and I just want to say, THANK YOU! They paper is beautiful, the gold holographic paper is perfect and your customer service is outstanding. I look forward to doing business again with you soon.

Best Regards,


East Brunswick, NJ


I love your website. I shop online a lot and this is the clearest, most easily used I have ever found. Kudos to your web designer and customer service dept. I'll be back!

Thank you!


San Luis Obispo


Just wanted to let you know how fantastic I think your company is. Great customer service, speedy delivery, great products. Thanks!


OshKosh, WI

I received today my order and I would like to let you know how pleased I am with it! Everything is better than I expected!
Thank you also for carefully filling the order information, so I didn't have any troubles at the customs and they didn't make me pay more than due. Considering how annoying our customs officers are, that was very important!
I will surely come back to your page when I will run out of supplies and buy some new items as well! it was very difficult to find a good shop, where to buy such items, that wouldn't charge insane amount of money for the shipment. But your service was convenient and honest.
usually people write to complain (I guess) but it thought you might be glad to hear from a very happy customer as well!
best regards


Just to thank you for the very prompt service from your company. Placed the order 23/03/09 and it arrived this morning 30/03/09.
I will be recommending you and will use your shop again when I need replacements.

United Kingdom


Wow - you guys are fast! Got my order quickly and was very pleased with what I received. Thanks for the chocolate, too!


Lakewood, CO


I just received my order of paper and envelopes.

First, what a sweet touch to find the little mini candy bar!

They are far better than I thought and your internet really did a nice job of showing the colors.
I am so excited to get working on my custom cards for hospice patients and other worthy causes.
You will now be my source for all my paper goods.

Thank you so much,


Colorado Springs, CO


I googled YES glue and your site came up. Wow!! You all are great! I've been a 'paper lover' before paper was such a popular medium as it today. Looking at all the items you offer is eye-candy to say the least. Your site is very user-friendly and easy to navigate from one category to the next. I will definitely visit your site again -- not ot mention purchasing as well.

Keep up the good work!!


Already received my package, thank you for the very fast delivery and the little suprise of the candy enclosed. Will be ordering more.


Monticello, NY


I was absolutely thrilled with the order I just received ... those papers you've just recently added are amazing! The Thai marbled paper - incredible! I can't wait to use it!

I also wanted to say that at the cost of the papers, I really appreciate that you sell by the sheet; there is no way I would dare to order unseen papers at even just 10 sheets per pack, and I plan to use certain ones of them for journals that I sell in a local gift shoppe; I like each journal to be different, so from that standpoint it would also be impractical to order sets of the sheets.

Oh, and that's nice that instead of a piece of cardboard to keep the papers stiff, you put a piece of mica, I appreciate that!

Have a great day,

Wellsville NY


Thank you so much. I sent my order in today! I am so impressed with your service and how quickly you respond to a question or problem. Thank you for all of your help with my order.



I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for incredible service. I placed my order just a couple of days ago and my envelopes arrived today! They are the absolute perfect shade- exactly what I wanted for my baby shower invitations. Thank you for striving for excellent customer service at a time when many retailers are dropping the ball. I am anxious to tell my friends about your amazing selection and unbeatable pricing. Thank You.

Greensburg PA


Thank you so much for all of the good will and wonderful service and I do not know what I would do without it. I have taken part in several auctions and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. My last auction total was more than $150.00 and my most recent order was less than $10.00 but you respond in exactly the same way. I love all of your products and feel that each experience with them is pure luxury. Thanks for the candy too!


San Diego


I just wanted to let you know that you have such a great selection of specialty papers that I just couldn't make up my mind which to get. Eventually I did manage to get quite a beautiful selection....which I was thrilled with! I live in the Chicago area and just wish you were closer....I could literally go crazy in your store.


Homer Glen, IL


Hi all. Just received my first ever order from Calif. Paper Goods and wanted to say 'Thank You'! When I opened my box, there was a Tootsie Roll inside for me - how nice! And the quality of the watercolor paper and A2 envelopes is super. Your prices are terrific!


Oakyn, NJ


Wow! Just received my order, that I only placed on the 3rd. You guys are amazing! And you included tootsie rolls too.

The posts look great; the ordering was easy; prices were great; shipment was lightning fast – what more can I say. Great doing business with you!!


Highland CA


I can't tell you how thrilled i was opening my package of goodies and realizing what a fantastic deal the auction is. thanks for the fast shipping and the lollipop too!

Y ou guys rock!


Oakland CA


I recieved my order just in time for Christmas. I was so pleased with the merchandise. I just couldn't find those doilies anywhere in Tampa,Fl (where I live). Thank you so much. I will be doing business with you again in the future. Thanks again


Tampa FL


First, I want to Thank you for your efforts send and provide materials and supplies for arts and creativity. 2-I have received the goods on 17.01.2010,"yesterday" which was requested by your site. 3-I'm happy to be one of your clients from United Arab Emirates, through your site distinguished. And last but not least, I'm very happy to be with you always.


United Arab Emirates


I want to add myself to the long list of testimonials on your page. I've had nothing but problems and delays with my card orders placed with a company in RI, yet the order I placed with you on one day arrived the following day, no problemo. And your customer service rep called when the credit card info needed changing.

YAY! But I wouldn't expect anything less from CPG.
You're the best, of course.


Mendocino, CA


I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my last order. I LOVED the Tootsie Roll in the box! The quality of the stock was really really nice and I look forward to shopping California Paper Goods much more often. I'm letting all my fellow paper crafters know that you are the place to go for good product and good service!

Thank you in advance for answering my question, and thank you for having such a great company.


Mesa, AZ


I’ve been a loyal customer of CPG for several years. I just wanted to (once again) thank you for your awesome service and outstanding products!

Recently, I ordered some of the new POP-Tone 100 cards and I LOVE them! Can’t wait to order several more colors in my next order. I love the heavier weight; the envelopes are very trendy; and printing turns out beautifully.

Keep up the great work!


La Quinta, CA


I just received my order...much faster than I ever expected. Everything was beautiful, I'm so pleased! Your customer service was so helpful before I ordered. I will definitely order from you again, and will recommend your site to friends.

Thanks so much, and BTW...I LOVE Tootsie Rolls!!


Bourbon, IN


I am so thrilled with my order! I was hesitant, at first, to order paper products over the internet, but your product descriptions are perfect! There were only two surprises: your incredibly speedy turnaround (I placed my order 3 days ago!) and the sweet chocolate treat! Thank you so much for great service. I'm sure I'll be shopping again soon. Sincerely, TK


Carlsbad, CA


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I continue to be impressed by California Paper Goods staff and excellent customer service.
It's great follow up like this that makes your company a delight to do business with.

Thank you for your attention to my backorder and for following up with the information so quickly.

Blessings to you and your staff,
Jenison, MI

I just wanted to send a quick note along to let you know how happy I am to have found your store! I came across it while doing an internet search for clear boxes and had to investigate further when I saw your business is based close to my hometown. I love supporting hometown businesses and decided to give you a try.
I am so glad I did as I am very impressed by the quality of your products, your competetive prices, and outstanding shipping time. I've already placed a second order within a week and will continue to order from you. Five stars all around!

Thank you very much,

Ukiah, CA

I was very impressed with your quick shipping. I ordered some bookmark tassels, which I needed within the week, and I was somewhat concerned as to whether they would arrive in time because your business is in California and I am in Florida. I ordered on Monday, and the order arrived on Wednesday. Wow! Also, the tassels were exactly as I had hoped they would be, and just what I needed.

Thank you for the prompt service.



Thanks for the quick reply. I have to say – I absolutely LOVE your company! Your customer service is fabulous and your products never disappoint. I’ve told several of my friends about you and they are now ordering as well.

Thanks for doing a great job!!


Belleville, IL


I recently placed an order for a sample pack of the cardstock you offer. I spoke several times to Kathy via email. I just received the sample book and I am soooo excited-it is without a doubt one of my favorite purchases...ever! This is really going to help me with my wedding plans/save the dates/invites/decorations. I also wanted to stress how much I appreciated Kathy's patience-I had some order issues/changes. She couldn't have been nicer! I order a number of items online and it is rare to find a company with fast shipping, excellent customer service and unique, high quality products-I'm smitten!

Just wanted to pass along how happy I am with my swatchbook-now I just have to narrow down my colors before I place my next order ;)

Thanks so much,

New Orleans, LA


I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for the great ATC supplies. The supplies arrived in record time! I've never received something so fast from an online source. The supplies are fantastic. I will definitely be ordering again.


Pocatello, ID



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